Full time engineer, part-time learner.

This site is a result of my interest towards computers, networks etc., and a memory of my lost love for photos. Also this has evolved from time to time based on my skills. I had lot of blog posts and photos in squarespace once. Apparently 10 dollars per month seems a bit too much. Times are changing and so are interests. I wanted to have a server in home and host my website from it. When i was creating my personal site back in college days, i used to write in html and css. Now after 10 years so much has changed and i write in markdown! Static site generators using mark-up languages have come a long way. So i started playing with jekyll. After a while i came across hugo and created a site out of it. I felt hugo easy to use for some reason! The sites created are light weight and blazing fast!

Will try to post stuff related to homelab here.

If anyone wishes to ping me, reach me at email (at) vakarthik (dot) com

Credits and Thanks:

This site would not be possible with the plethora of great free & opensource apps. Thanks to the awesome development community.

Thanks to hugo, an awesome static generator and Aditya for this awesome theme.