Typical Indian Homelab Struggle:

The biggest issue i was facing initially are those powercuts. I am not sure about the rest of the world, but in India we are facing frequent power cuts ranging from few minutes to hours sometimes. I had a APC Backups 600Va, which is enough for my single server and NAS but the issue was my server would reboot sometimes during power cut. I really had a nightmare when my server boots each and everytime during power cut.

Online UPS:

After doing some research, i decided to buy online-ups. The 3k-5k UPS which we normally purchase is a line-interactive UPS and they take milli-seconds for switching over. Hence sometimes if the delay more than 50 or 100 mill seconds my server starts to reboot. Online UPS is costly and getting them online is little difficult in India. I could find only this store selling APC online UPS at a good price.

I had few contacts in chennai, and purchased a 1kVA online UPS. It is working well for the past 6 months and it costs Rs.15k. If anyone wants details send me a email. As of writing this post, my proxmox shows uptime of 157 days!

So in short, if you are getting a server for homelab, get an online UPS along with it.