Problem With ESXi:

There are lot of people who use VMWare ESXi for virtualisation. But most of them manage through Vsphere and have multiple servers VSAN clusters. The vsphere license is not free. The main limitation i faced with free version of ESXi, is that there is no proper backup solution. I had to shutdown VMs and copy manually to NAS. I tried some soultions found in reddit communities and third party software, none of which served my purpose properly. Ideally i would love to take automated full backups of all my VMs, which was missing in free ESXi. Also for people with 2-3 servers in small homelab, clustering with free ESXi is not possible.

Switching to Proxmox:

I went through couple of youtube videos which walked through Proxmox configuration. I the nmanually backed up all my important configurations is ESXi and formatted the disk and installed proxmox. After playing with proxmox i can say that the following things are enough to switch to proxmox from ESXi.

  1. Auto backup: I have added my NAS backup directory as NFS mount point directly inside proxmox GUI and it takes automated backup of all my VMs every sunday night while i sleep! such a relief.

  2. Clustering: Although i dont use it is great feature for people with multiple servers on their homelab. You can also create a HA cluster!!

  3. Containers: You can add LXC containers directly through GUI, such a neat feature. i use some small services like reverse proxy, wireguard etc., in seperate containers. Some also use docker with portainer.

  4. Storage: You can create a ZFS pool (ah! those freenas times) inside proxmox and also you can ceph storage. I dont use it, but many find it very useful.

I am using it for more than 3 months and proxmox seems to be pretty stable. No issues so far and i would highly recommend to anyone. The only problem i faced was some routing issue in default vmbr0 bridge. It was also solved after some help from reddit and a full restart.