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freeNAS build

This build was on my to-do list for almost 3 years. I also thought about buying one of synology 4-bay NAS units recently but decided against it. This freeNAS build has more room for future upgrades. Also the main reason is i just wanted to build a PC, missed it for so long.

Thanks a lot to folks at techenclave for helping me to finalize the build.

Initially i had lot of problems with transmission (bit torrent client). Other than that freeNAS installation was very easy. You can check my bookmarks related to freeNAS. I have setup three 2 TB drives in RAIDZ configuration. freeNAS is installed on to a 8GB USB stick.

Part List:

  • CPU: Intel G2010 
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H 
  • RAM: Corsair Vengence 8GB - 1600 Mhz 
  • HDD: Western Digital AV-GP 2TB x 3 (WD20EURS) 
  •  Case: Cooler Master USP 100 
  • PSU: Seasonic S12II 430W 
  • USB: Sandisk Cruzer 8GB 
  • Switch: TP-Link TL-SG1005D
Thought of buying ASRock B75-M motherboard but ended up buying Gigabyte since the seller doesn't have them in stock. I didn't notice the 1600 Mhz RAM while buying, could have saved 100 bucks with normal 1333 Mhz ! 
 WD RED drives are costly here :( so went with AV-GP drives. Hope they are good :) 
 Bought all components at delta peripherals, chennai. 
 Total Damage: 37.4k

 The speeds were awful (Got around 11 MB/s) at first since my router (ASUS RT-N13U) doesn't have gigabit LAN ports. So purchased new TP-link gigabit switch. 
 Write speed is around 50 MB/s most of the time with occasional peaks at 65MB/s. Read speeds are around 50-60MB/s. Expected around 70MB/s !! any suggestions for tweaking read speed a little ? 
File transfer through WiFi is around 5-6 MB/s.